The educational charity is backing the proposed Outdoor Education Bills in England, Scotland and Wales to ensure that every child can experience at least one outdoor residential before they leave school. 

Launching the #LetUsOut campaign, the Outward Bound Trust has set out how people can get involved with the movement including writing to their MP and showing support on social media. 

Outlining ‘why it matters’ to give young people outdoor residentials, the charity explains: “Because every day we witness first-hand the transformative power of outdoor learning. They provide young people with rich, life-changing experiences you can’t get inside the classroom, building young people’s resilience, self-confidence and a deeper connection to the natural and wider world.”

A group of young people undertake an outdoor residential adventure on top of rocks with The Outward Bound Trust.

Source: The Outward Bound Trust

The educational charity has a number of centres across the UK and runs a range of outdoor residential courses.

What do the Bills mean for outdoor residentials?

The Outdoor Education Bill, which is currently going through the House of Commons, would require every child to be offered at least one outdoor education experience during primary and secondary school. Proposed by MP Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat for Westmorland and Lonsdale, the Bill is expected to have its second reading in November. 

The Residential Outdoor Education Bill for Scotland proposes that young people, in particular those in their first four years of secondary school, have the opportunity to experience residential outdoor education to an ‘approved educational standard’. Proposed by Liz Smith, MSP Scottish Conservative for Mid Scotland and Fife, the Bill is heading towards the Committee stage. 

The Development of the Outdoor Education (Wales) Bill has a number of asks including that Welsh Ministers ’must take all reasonable steps to ensure that residential outdoor education is provided to registered pupils at maintained schools at least once’. This Bill has been proposed by Sam Rowlands, Welsh Conservative for North Wales and is also nearing a Committee stage this autumn. 

A girl balances on a canoe as part of an outdoor residential adventure with The Outward Bound Trust

Source: The Outward Bound Trust

The educational charity’s mission is to inspire young people so they can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

About The Outward Bound Trust

Its mission is to inspire young people so they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. As a charity, The Outward Bound Trust funds disadvantaged and underrepresented communities from across the UK to carefully balance risk and reward, whilst experiencing Britain’s wildest places.