School Travel Organiser is the number one magazine for people who organise school trips. It’s packed full of ideas on how to plan a school trip with advice and insight so that teachers and educational visit coordinators can find and organise successful and relevant learning outside the classroom.

STO magazine

Available in print and online digital edition, each issue offers readers specialist features, case studies and interviews to bring subjects and key stages to life through all types of school trips.

Our website extends what we can offer with exclusive content not found in the magazine and a regular e-newsletter.

The focal point of the year is the annual School Travel Awards, when readers vote and nominate to recognise inspiring people and the best companies, venues and attractions.

School Travel Organiser is a member of the Council for Learning Outside The Classroom and published by Yandell Publishing Ltd (part of the Yandell Media Group), the UK’s biggest provider of group travel media.

Our company portfolio includes a range of niche media and events which includes the popular Group Leisure & Travel magazine, published every month for people who organise all types of group trips and holidays.

The group travel portfolio also includes a range of directories and annuals, as well as the Group Leisure & Travel Show which takes place every October.

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