Each year the school organises a ‘school journey’ with the Outward Bound Trust, visiting either Wales or the Lake District, and the impact on the pupils is life-changing. 

Headteacher Emma Bonnin says it is the most exhausting and yet rewarding week of the year, seeing the difference the residential makes to the children’s development. 

In this video, the children are asked why they think it’s important to leave London and go on the Outward Bound Trust school trip. 

One of them said: “You face a lot of fears like cliff-jumping; you jump into the lake and it’s really fun.”

Pakeman Primary School students on their Outward Bound experience

The school organises a transformative residential each year for students at an Outward Bound Trust location. 

Another said: “I waited until last becuase I was so scared and when I saw everyone else jumping and saying it was fun, I decided to do it. Then I just kept jumping in because it was so fun.” 

They were also asked what the one thing they would remember from the residential. One pupil said: “I think it was when I climbed a mountain for the first time; I even got a rock from the top and kept it at home so now it’s on the shelf in my room.”

Read the full interview with Emma Bonnin about their approach to learning outside the classroom and why they overcome so many challenges for the children in the February/March edition of School Travel Organiser magazine which is out soon.