The team has offered these educational experiences in a bid to provide children resilience-building opportunities as well as the time to reconnect with nature and each other without the need for travel.

Mr Davies, headteacher of the school and who features in the video above, said: “Lots of our children have been isolated during lockdown and one of the things we knew we needed to work on was developing those relationships that the children used to have before lockdown. The Outward Bound work has given our children the opportunity to work together in the outdoors, and in turn, affects what goes on in the classroom.

“Our school is really passionate about working within the outdoors and our children love the days that The Outward Bound Trust do, it’s one of the highlights of their week.”

About the experience

Currently, the trust is unable to run its usual residential programmes so instructors have been taking to the road to help give primary and secondary pupils some outdoor education at a time of uncertainty. It plans to restart residential programmes for schools and youth groups at the start of the 2021/22 academic year and is taking bookings for all centres for August onwards. 

The team works in partnership with the school to help pupils discover adventure in their local environment. Through this process, The Outward Bound Trust says that pupils will develop the skills they need to face an ever-changing world such as confidence, self-belief and developing awareness of their own skills.

Experts will visit the school and use surroundings within the grounds to help tailor the sessions to the needs of pupils taking part.