SEA LIFE attractions are well-known for super fun days out, or perhaps as an exciting and rewarding end of term trip - but there’s much more. Think you know everything about them? Think again!


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Pupils can learn how to responsibly explore rockpools at SEA LIFE. 

A class visit class to any SEA LIFE attraction is a chance for pupils to enter an underwater world, one where the ocean’s weirdest and most wonderful inhabitants are displayed before their eyes.

SEA LIFE has over 50 aquariums around the world and 11 locations in the UK - so you’re never far from fishy fun! They are the perfect place to explore different habitats, from the sweltering tropics to tidal rockpools. Teachers and pupils will have the chance to come face-to-fin with a variety of fin-tastic creatures during fun and interactive learning experiences, tailored to their needs and preferences.

SEA LIFE’s mission is to inspire a love for the ocean and its creatures, and to encourage all to preserve them for future generations. In addition to supporting projects across the world to protect our oceans and marine life, their charity partner the SEA LIFE Trust owns and operates two marine animal sanctuaries and has recently created the world’s first whale sanctuary for formerly captive Beluga whales off the south coast of Iceland. As the experts in rehabilitation and animal care, SEA LIFE is the perfect choice to educate and inspire young minds.

The staff pride themselves on creating a safe environment.

Self-guided tours

SEA LIFE attractions nationwide offer a variety of school packages for all ages, with self-guided tours being a popular choice! Pupils can walk around at their own pace, discovering amazing facts about creatures at every turn. As they explore, the knowledgeable site teams will be on hand to answer any questions, or to tell you more about the awesome inhabitants - want to know how jellyfish capture their prey, or what an octopus’s favourite food is? You just need to ask! Plus, each site has a daily programme of creature talks and feeds to enjoy.

Get up close and hands-on


Source: © 2012, Leland Gebhardt, LLC

At SEA LIFE, students can discover how ocean creatures look and feel.

Many young people have never seen a shark; you can look at them in books or online, but nothing compares to a real life encounter. At SEA LIFE, you and your class can enjoy watching sharks, rays and a host of tropical fish as they glide over head and all around in an amazing ocean tunnel experience. You may also be lucky enough to see turtles, penguins, seals or otters and watch them as they play, eat and interact.

Pupils can also enjoy a touch pool experience and will have the opportunity to find out what some of the ocean’s creatures actually feel like, possibly for the first time ever! Staff are on hand to show you and your class how to responsibly rockpool, and to teach children how to stroke a starfish and handle creatures with care and respect.

A truly unique trip

Environmental issues are so important in education today and SEA LIFE’s mission is to inspire a love for the ocean and its creatures; they encourage people to preserve them for the future. Educational trips to SEA LIFE can be tailored to focus on numerous topics including conservation and what we can all do to protect the ocean.

Many SEA LIFE centres offer a range of workshops that support key learnings in the National Curriculum including life cycles, food chains and natural habitats. You can also speak to your local team if there is an area of focus for your pupils, to see if they can suggest a talk or workshop to participate in.

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