A look at how the education team at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort work with teachers to bring learning to life outside the classroom and create memorable experiences. 

LEGO workshop

New for 2023 is the Robotics Primary - SPIKE Essential workshop which invites pupils to build and programme their own interactive model. 

Pupils visiting the park can also take part in one of the varied curriculum focused workshops to experience a fun hands-on and engaging session hosted by trained educational staff, with a host classroom teaching experience.

Led by the LEGO® Education Academy Certified Education Team, there are 14 unique workshops finely tuned to complement the National Curriculum – with a LEGO® twist. Pupils can learn about STEAM, English, geography and computing to name but a few.

Workshops suitable for Primary and Secondary pupils include:

Robotics Primary – SPIKE Essential (new for 2023): students will build and programme their own interactive model covering key computing topics including coding, repetition in programs, debugging, inputs & outputs and algorithms using the brand new LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential kits.

Around the World: pupils identify and locate the earth’s continents and oceans on the bespoke LEGO® map. Ideal for Key Stage 1-2 students, linked to geography, the session explores famous landmarks, animals and buildings.

Science of Rollercoasters: this workshop brings science to life, exploring how gravity, friction, air resistance, weight and momentum all work together on a rollercoaster. Aimed at Key Stage 2&3, pupils will be tasked with designing and building their own LEGO Rollercoaster ensuring all forces are in balance allowing the rollercoaster to function correctly.

LEGO® Robotics – Secondary Edition: bring maths and computing alive outside of the classroom with this session for KS 2&3 students. Through a hands-on approach, students complete a series of challenges with their LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime Education Robots.

Exploring the resort and inspiring students

LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

Children can explore iconic landmarks such as the Kennedy Space Center in the attraction’s Miniland.

Alongside the interactive educational sessions, there are more than 55 exciting rides, live shows and attractions to explore around the resort in Berkshire which is set in 150 acres of beautiful parkland.  

The combination of workshops, clearly defined for both primary and secondary age, and the fun of the theme park itself make LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort an ideal choice for schools who want to find somewhere engaging and unique for their children.

The focus is on encouraging pupils of all ages and abilities to explore through creative and imaginative play, while learning at the same time.

Popular for visiting schools is the resort’s Miniland attraction which now features more than 42 million LEGO® Bricks.

Pupils can look out for famous UK landmarks such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Canary Wharf.

They can also head further afield with iconic sights from across the world including the Kennedy Space Center, Taj Mahal and the Sydney Opera House. 

Benefits for schools visiting LEGOLAND 

  • A dedicated Schools Booking Team.
  • Exclusive ticket pricing only available to schools.
  • Flexible booking journey – pay just 14 days before visiting.
  • One free teacher ticket with every five primary students visiting.
  • One free leader ticket with every ten secondary students visiting.
  • Two free tickets to complete any pre-visit assessments post payment of the trip. 

Contact details for LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort: 

Schools Booking Team