A strong selection of school day trips and residentials have made the cut for this special award, which is presented as part of the annual School Travel Awards. Find out more here…

The School Travel Awards recognises the people and companies behind inspiring school trips.

But it also rewards schools for the experiences they have created for their pupils because, let’s face it, that’s what it’s ultimately all about.

Each year we ask teachers and educational visit coordinators to enter a trip they think has really excelled and…

  • Tell us why they decided to take the trip and how it was planned.
  • Explain how the trip linked to the relevant topic(s) and curriculum.
  • Tell us what consideration they gave to inclusivity and affordability.
  • Describe how the learning was embedded once back in school.
  • Share details about the learning objectives for the trip and how were they measured.

Read about the finalists shortlisted for the 2020/21 award. Just use the drop down menu at the top of the page or the navigation at the bottom.

They’re all great, we’re sure you will agree.