Science Museum

The museum in London has recently introduced a new school session to its educational programme which ties in with Science and Engineering.

The workshop, Engineering Alive, will be available throughout various dates in November and is suitable for Key Stage 2 groups.

About Engineering Alive

The session aims to inspire those involved about engineering and what engineers do. 

It will start with a dynamic show about how engineering shapes our lives, which will then be followed by activities and challenges that the pupils will take part in. These activities will teach pupils about the different roles of engineers and how they carry out their duties.

The workshop is free to attend but pre-booking is required.

Teachers can call 020 7942 4777 or use the Science Museum’s online visit request form, which can be found here

More for schools at the Science Museum

The museum has plenty to offer visiting schools, from live shows and demonstrations to workshops and talks designed to give pupils an interactive experience and introduction to Science.

Downloadable resources are available online to be used before or after a visit to aid learning and there is also an outreach programme where members of the museum visit you.

For teachers, there's a range of CPD course and events which take place throughout the year to encourage exciting trips and learning outside the classroom.

For more information, visit