Science Museum

The Science Museum is to welcome a new exhibition next month and new galleries in 2019.

The new exhibits and galleries will offer students a chance to gain an understanding on our planet’s solar system and on advancements in medical history.

The Medicine Galleries

The new galleries will house the medicine collections on the first floor of the Science Museum.

Based on collections of Henry Wellcome and collections held elsewhere in the Science Museum, the galleries will feature personal stories and will focus on the changes that have taken place in medicine in the last 400 years.

The new galleries will be almost double the size of previous medicine galleries and will join the Science Museum’s current interactive galleries including the Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery, The Garden and Engineer Your Future.

The galleries will be free to visit and will open in 2019.

The Sun: Living With Our Star Exhibition

Running from 6th October, 2018 to 6th May 2019, ‘The Sun: Living with our Star’ is timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Lockyer’s discovery of Helium. The exhibition will feature a range of interactive experiences and artefacts. The exhibition is suitable for Key Stage 2 to 5 and will teach students of the sun’s role in our solar system.

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Arrange a visit from the Science Museum

For those unable to make a visit to the Science Museum, the outreach team shows and workshops may be of interest, as they can be brought to your school.

The activities vary in topic, length and in the key stage they are aimed at, but there are workshops and shows available for all age groups from the Early Years Foundation Stage right through to Key Stage 4 and young adults.

Spring term bookings are now available from 8th January – 5th April, 2019 and summer term bookings can be made from 7th January, 2019 for between 23rd April – 19th July next year.

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Image: Science Museum (Photo Credit: Science Museum Group)