Theatre Workout has developed two workshops to accompany the West End musical Dreamgirls, which are suitable for students of all ages and abilities.

Both sessions teach performance techniques while exploring the characters and themes within the production, telling the story of characters, songs, scenes and more.

Key themes and acting technique

The Drama workshop focuses on the key themes in the show, such as friendship, ambition, and fighting adversity, and follows the central story of Effie White. Students will explore a range of acting techniques as they create their own versions of characters in Effie’s world, and recreate her story in the studio.

This workshop covers acting, voice and speech, devising, character development, improvisation, solo and group work, teamwork, and discussion.

Meanwhile, the Musical Theatre workshop is more suitable for advanced students and focuses on musical theatre performance with an emphasis on ‘acting through song’.

Students will explore songs from the show, such as I Am Changing and One Night Only, analysing them from an actor’s perspective, whilst learning singing and acting techniques in order to perform songs in character at the end of the workshop.

About Dreamgirls

Inspired by R&B music acts in 1960s America, Dreamgirls charts the tumultuous journey through show business of a young female singing trio from Chicago called The Dreams.

The musical features songs such as And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, I Am Changing and One Night Only.

Make a booking

Teachers can book a workshop by calling 020-8144 2290. Plus, school groups wishing to also watch the musical can benefit from tickets costing £25 each with the teacher going free.

For further information visit www.theatreworkout.com/contact-us.

Photo credit: Dewynters