LeShuttle explains how it is making crossing the Channel a breeze for school trips.

LeShuttle's marketing poster showing a coach

You can cross the Channel from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes with LeShuttle. 

Teachers, we know that planning school trips can often cause an off-the-Richter-scale headache. You’ve got your destination. Check. You know your dates. Check. But the big question is… how are you getting everyone there? Preferably as quickly as possible and with minimal meltdowns.

Ah, logistics, the stuff of nightmares.

The good news is, if you’re heading to mainland Europe, we can take it from here. Because travelling with LeShuttle means crossing the Channel. In the fastest, easiest, most reliable, and low-carbon way. 

Did we mention it was super easy?

Travelling with us by coach is a breeze, with a no-hassle boarding process that’s as simple as driving on by car. With a crossing time of only 35-minutes, you can say goodbye to headcounts every five minutes as your students remain comfortably in their seats from Folkestone to Calais, reducing the risk of any wanderers (you know the ones we’re talking about). Plus, thanks to recent upgrades, the kids can stay entertained the whole way, with access to calls, messaging, and even TikTok. Phew!

For those needing to stretch their legs and spend a penny (in both senses…) before crossing, our Folkestone and Calais terminals are packed full of shops and facilities. Did Erin forget their toothbrush? No problem. Is the class getting hangry? Food this way. And do you need that coffee perk? Of course you do! Just keep an ear out for our departure announcements and you’ll be back on the coach and ready for boarding in plenty of time!

But we’re not just big fans of teachers, we’re also cheerleaders for looking after our planet, so that students can enjoy school trips for many generations to come. In fact, we’re proud to say that LeShuttle is the most environmentally friendly cross-Channel operator!

Travelling with us by coach is a breeze, with a no-hassle boarding process that’s as simple as driving on by car.

We use 100% electric rail traction, and 50% of the energy we consume company-wide is renewable. Our passion for the environment is brought to life in our 30-hectare nature reserve beside the cliffs of Dover, which champions biodiversity. This year, we received our 18th Green Flag award (we’re chuffed!), which celebrates our area of ‘high environmental quality’ and its contribution to local communities.

So how about it?

Book LeShuttle for your next school trip to Europe; the easiest, fastest, and greenest way to cross the Channel.

Find out more at www.eurotunnel.com/uk/trade/coach-operator