Finalists for the Best Residential Experience category in the 2024 School Travel Awards, Conway Centres pride themselves on offering unique residential programmes.

Pupil jumping into the sea at Conway Centres

Students can take a leap of faith and grow in confidence with Conway Centres.

Supporting every child on a residential

At Conway Centres, they know that every child is unique, having different strengths and interests. Winners of the Best Residential Experience at the 2023 School Travel Awards and once again finalists for 2024, they pride themselves on offering unique residential programmes that support every child no matter their interest, experience or ability.

Here is how they support every child in your class…

Your adventure seekers

Conway Centres is home to high adventure, offering land-based, water-based and high-rope adventure activities. For the thrill-seekers in the group, adventure is never far away - with activities like Via Ferrata at Anglesey where children journey through the quarry, kayaking on the Menai Strait and reaching new heights on the tree climb at Tattenhall.

“Whilst at Conway Centres I learnt how to climb rocks, it was very tricky and scary but I did it and I was so pleased with myself.”

Your shy pupils

At Conway Centres, they know that some pupils may feel nervous being away from home and trying out new activities, but the supportive team will encourage and support your children to believe in themselves. Whether they want to cheer on their friends from the sideline, work with their team in creating the raft before it goes out on the water or they want to push themselves out of their comfort zone - the highly qualified Conway Centres’ staff will support children in achieving the unachievable…

“When I was doing via Ferrata I had to step off a high ledge and I said, ‘I can’t do it’ and the instructor said ‘I wouldn’t tell you to do it if you couldn’t do it’.”

Conway Centres' Tattenhall location

Source: Karl Midlane

Tattenhall is Conway Centres’ largest location in Cheshire, accommodating up to 80 children at a time.

Your creative pupils

But at Conway Centres, they know there are the creative pupils who get more of a thrill putting pen to paper or performing a new dance piece. The Arts are a fantastic way for children and young people to express themselves, boost confidence and support wellbeing whilst supporting your creative pupils to shine.

“I have been told I am a good dancer, but as a boy I don’t get the opportunity to dance outside of school. I really enjoyed expressing myself in the Indian dance and the capoeira. It has helped me be proud of my talent.”

Your explorers

With the Conway Centres located in North Wales and Cheshire, close to all of the adventure hotspots - your explorers can enjoy discovering all that the great outdoors has to offer. From exploring natural habitats in the forest with the Delamere Discovery programme which is perfect for primary visitors, to discovering surrounding beaches, woodlands and mountains at Anglesey with the Snowdonia Explorer programme – there is so much to discover from simply stepping out the gate.

Your high achievers

At Conway Centres, education is at the heart of everything they do. With various programmes to support with exam season for both primary and secondary, Conway Centres are experts in supporting with boosting grades and raising attainment whilst supporting children with exam pressures. At Conway Centres, they have Arts Exam Support courses led by specialists and Revision Adventure residentials that have a proven track record of boosting grades.

Your immersive learners

At Conway Centres, they know that a residential should be an extension of classroom learning and what better way to bring learning to life than in the great outdoors? Conway Centres offer various immersive experiences where students can learn from a variety of hands-on experiences.

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