Teacher meeting

Answers to your most asked questions about school trips

Jake Wiid at EVOLVE Advice, which supports schools in planning and running educational visits, gives the lowdown on staff/student ratios, using particular providers and more. 

Girl on sail boat

Helping children embrace the power of blue

Lee Strickland of Cohort St Ives explains the link between water and children’s emotional wellbeing, creative thinking and academic achievements.

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Children in wellies

Using local areas to create effective and memorable experiences

Emily Carlill from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom explains how teachers can use their local area and the winter season to create effective and memorable experiences. 

CLOtC Column image from STO summer 2022 edition - credit Andrew Rutter (3)

Bouncing back into the new school year

This is a time of year full of excitement, enthusiasm, perhaps a little bit of apprehension, but mainly of possibilities, shiny stationery and new starts. Trends for school trips are on the up - and there’s lots of help out there to make yours a success, says Emily Carlill from CLOtC.

Colchester Prep and High School battlefields trip to Ypres

Teacher Talk: on your doorstep and trips abroad

We caught up with Chris Rayner from Colchester Prep and High School about his standout trips and the benefits of an early term residential.

Log cabin residential at High Ashhurst

Pupils can learn from residential experiences

The inspiration for children’s creativity is often surprising.

Building confidence

You’re already building character but…

STO Editor Keeley Rodgers on interviewing the Education Secretary and having your say.