The park’s Ice Age exhibit is set to open today (30th March), just in time for Easter and the following school term.

Ice Age

Ice Age is described as ‘an immersive, multi-sensory experience, allowing guests to step back in time and walk amongst the magnificent creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago’. 

The £1.25 million project has three interactive time zones and features an enormous rumbling volcano and atmospheric ice cave, both of which can be walked through by visitors.

Complementing the Land of the Living Dinosaurs exhibit which opened in 2015, Ice Age continues the prehistoric journey and shows life on Earth after the dinosaurs became extinct. 

A further look at Ice Age 

The exhibit, located in the Discovery Trail, begins at the start of the Cenozoic Era nearly 65 million years ago and features more than 20 life-sized species of mammals, of which the majority are animatronic. 

These creatures include a giant ground sloth, menacing hell pig and a herd of ginormous mammoth. And a life-like smilodon, also known as a sabre-toothed cat, will guard the entrance to the exhibit.

School groups will be able to experience the significant climate changes the planet underwent millions of years ago to the present day; from volcanic lands and lush greenery, through to barren landscapes with vast ice sheets stretching across large parts of the Earth, tying in neatly with Geography studies. 

School information

School packages are available at the park, and the recently opened Safari Academy is ideal for groups to use for curriculum linked activities and guided tours. 

Teachers can email for more information.

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