The 2024 edition of the Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook covers school trip organising from start to finish, helping teachers and EVCs plan effective and memorable experiences for their pupils

LOTC Yearbook 2024

Aimed at educational visits coordinators and teachers, the Yearbook has tips and support from a range of experts and schools.

Whether you’re new to learning outside the classroom, or have been organising visits for many years, the LOtC Yearbook is a one-stop shop for planning and running successful school trips.

Published by the School Travel Organiser team, there’s everything from teacher tips to get the best value from your school trips, to a wealth of inspiration for where to go across the UK and much more. 

“It’s full of invaluable advice from people at the forefront of school trips and it’s such a privilege to be able to share so many resources and tools to help you in the amazing work you do to inspire the next generation.”

Keeley Rodgers, School Travel Organiser editor 

You’ll read plenty of comments from schools who share their lessons learned over the years and even recommendations from an academy after organising their first ever ski trip which was a huge hit with the students and staff involved. 

Featuring contributions from experts who work across the learning outside the classroom sector, the Yearbook is now available in print and as a digital edition. 

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Inside you’ll read about the importance of theatre including teacher examples of the impact that visits have had on their pupils as well as things to consider when planning a school trip for pupils with SEND from those in the know. 

In addition, expert Peter Carne OBE shares his extensive experience about the best way to evaluate residential trips and then what to do with the evidence you have. There’s also a Visit Planning flowchart, a list of useful contacts and a look at some alternative and unusual overseas opportunities for future visits. 

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Featured in the 2024 edition is an A-Z of places to visit in the UK, with everything from activity centres and animal encounters to museums, sporting experiences and everything in between. 

School Travel Organiser editor, Keeley Rodgers, said: “It’s clear from creating our 2024 edition that the enthusiasm for school trips and learning outside the classroom experiences has never been stronger - which is music to my ears.

“It’s full of invaluable advice from people at the forefront of school trips and it’s such a privilege to be able to share so many resources and tools to help you in the amazing work you do to inspire the next generation.” 

“The enthusiasm is down to all of you. Whether you’re the person in school dealing with the important admin or the teacher helping students put their tents up on a residential, each and every one of you play a key part in enabling our young people to broaden their horizons.”

Teachers share their experience and tips

Throughout the Yearbook are a range of voices including teachers and EVCs who offer their advice about all aspects of school visits from keeping costs down, plus how to choose a location to maximise the benefits. 

Chris Wilson, EVC and deputy headteacher of Hammersmith Academy in London said: “We make sure that we research any trip or residential in detail, including speaking to other schools and educational professionals for feedback and looking at testimonials. Each trip has to fulfil a list of criteria to ensure it is both worthwhile for the students and cost effective.”

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The Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook celebrates the impact of taking pupils beyond the school gates and out into the world. 

Langdale Primary School’s headteacher Rachel Underwood shares her advice on getting best value for money: “School trips which prove the best value for money are when the teaching staff are fully invested and participate and engage alongside the children.”

She added: “Transport costs are often the biggest barrier, so we always ensure we go to three companies to ensure we’re getting the most competitive price. If we’re not using the full coach, it’s worth asking cluster schools if they wish to share transport.”

You’ll hear from more teachers, as well as experts from across the sector, throughout the 2024 Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook. 

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