The Science Museum

The Science Museum in London will be inviting schools to take part in a full day of activities linking to the medical profession this May.

The event, taking place on 25th May, will tie in with curriculum subjects and topics such as Science, Biology and Medicine Through Time and will be suitable for Key Stage 3 students.

Teachers are advised to book places for their students now. 

Medical Careers Day

During the day students will get a closer look at medical careers and the skills used by a variety of health professionals.

The event has been inspired by the museum’s exhibition Wounded: Conflict, Casualties and Care, and students visiting will get a taste of the diverse careers in medicine and healthcare. Visits can also be combined with a trip to the exhibition. 

You’ll also get to meet people who are employed in the healthcare sector, whilst getting hands-on in activities using medical skills.

What activities will the day include?

Animals in Medicine: War to Modern Day will look at different animals and how they have been used throughout history to heal humans such as leeches, maggots, snakes and lizards. Pupils will learn about different remedies that have been used over time, from wartime medicines to new advances.

There will also be Object Handling sessions whereby students can get hands-on with objects from the museum’s medical collection, which reflect those used by medical students today.

Medical Mavericks will include real-life medical kits and students will get to see how machines work such as an ultrasound machine, ECG and iPhone retina scanner, whilst learning about the possible careers that they could go into.

Teachers can call 020-7942 4777 or email to book a place.

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Image credit: Science Museum Group Collection