Boost your students’ learning and engagement through hands-on, immersive experiences they’ll never forget at The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.

The Black Country Living Museum demonstration

Students watching a demonstration during a trip to The Black Country Living Museum.

Itinerary: Accident Investigators
Provider: Black Country Living Museum, Dudley
Subjects: History, English, Science, Citizenship, and SMCS
KS: 3 and 4

By focusing on a real mine disaster that occurred in the Black Country in 1846, students extend their knowledge of the Industrial Revolution and build historical empathy for the social conditions and values of the time.

To develop your students as critical and reflective thinkers, use the associated investigation pack which is freely available on our website. It includes witness statements, census documents, newspaper reports, parliamentary acts, illustrations, and maps.

10.00am: Groups arrive and are welcomed by a costumed museum educator who will facilitate your student’s experience as you explore the 26-acre site.

10.15am: Explore our newly restored Racecourse Colliery, which tells the important story of coal mining at the heart of industrialisation in the Black Country. Speak to the butty and pit bonk wench as they carry out their daily work.

11.00am: Descend on foot ‘into the thick’ of our underground drift mine and face the harsh reality of a coal miner’s life in the 1850s.

11.45am: Watch our explosive Mining Madness show as we demonstrate the dangers faced by miners and some of the ways they would try to stay safe.

12.30 pm: Time for a well-earned lunch break. Outdoor or indoor picnic areas are available. Or you may want to try our famous traditionally cooked fish and chips!

1.15pm: Spend the afternoon in our canalside village. Explore the different houses and period shops and discover how people used to live. Hear the banging of hot metal and see sparks fly as our chain maker forges a link during a live demonstration.

2.15pm: Take a ride on one of our vintage trams or buses back to Museum entrance building.

Contact information: 
0121 520 8054