Here are some of the amazing reasons to take an end of year trip and the top experiences available to schools with Equity Travel.

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Equity offers a range of school-friendly options for end of year trips.

The end of the school year is a special time for students and teachers to celebrate their achievements and look forward to the summer break. It’s also a great opportunity to mark the occasion with an unforgettable enrichment trip that allows students to learn, explore, and have fun in a new environment.

Whether you’re interested in cultural immersion, outdoor adventure, or service learning, there are many exciting options to choose from.

Here, Equity explores the benefits of end of year school trips, and reveal some of its best end-of-year trips that will make a lasting impact on your students.

Engage students with hands-on learning

One of the key benefits of end of year enrichment school trips is that they provide students with hands-on learning experiences that are not possible in the classroom. By visiting museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions, students can learn about history, art, and science in a way that is engaging and interactive – without the added pressure of exams and coursework. These experiences can also help to spark curiosity and creativity, encouraging students to think outside the box and explore new ideas.

Equity Travel

A trip abroad at the end of the summer term can help boost motivation throughout the year.

Boost motivation throughout the year

Another advantage of end of year enrichment school trips is that they can help to motivate and engage students who may be struggling with their studies. By providing students with a change of scenery and a break from the routine of the classroom, these trips can help to refresh and recharge their minds, making them more receptive to learning when they return to school.

Increase teamwork and social skills

End of year enrichment school trips can also foster a sense of community and teamwork among students. By travelling and exploring together, students can build friendships, learn to work together, and develop valuable life skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.


End of year school trip ideas with Equity

These trips offer students the opportunity to explore new places, learn about different cultures, and experience new things, all while having fun and making lasting memories.

Here are some top options to choose from with Equity:

Enrichment trips to Barcelona

Stylistically vibrant, culturally distinct, and cosmopolitan, Barcelona exudes flair in every one of its buildings, galleries, and streets and is one of Equity’s favourite destinations for inspiring students, – all set on a Mediterranean coastline.
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Barcelona, Spain

La Sagrada Familia dominates Barcelona’s skyline.

Enrichment trips to Disneyland Paris

With rides and attractions aplenty, plus just a short travel time from the UK, the promise of visiting this magical iconic destination will keep your students excited all year round. 
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Watersports school trips to Les Orres

Set against the breathtaking scenery of the southern French Alps, our Les Orres adventure offers everything from white water rafting and mountain biking to via ferrata and abseiling, providing a truly thrilling trip.
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