Wellcome Trust launches The Crunch to highlight healthy eating %7C The Crunch Website

Teachers interested in teaching healthy eating will want to keep their eyes open for The Crunch initiative launching in March.

The new public engagement campaign, launched by Wellcome Trust, will aim to educate teachers, school children and their families about food, health and the planet.

It will focus on how our relationship with food is continually changing and affecting our health and the world around us in new and uncertain ways. Its ultimate aim is to inspire us all to create a healthier future.

As part of its school focussed activity, The Crunch will send out more than 33,000 experiment kits to every school and further education college in the UK, throughout the course of 2016.

Each kit is packed full of scientific equipment, teacher notes, videos, cross-curricular activities and specially commissioned short plays.

Packs will provide teachers with imaginative ways to explore Science curriculum topics that link to health, nutrition and the environment.

They will also give schools the opportunity to access current scientific research and to think about the issues that impact on our lives every day.

Primary school pupils will get to study questions like how does our diet give our bodies superpowers? While Secondary students can query ideas like what part does the microbiome play in human health?

In addition to this, the initiative will reach a wider range of audiences in different ways such as offering interactive experiences for families and interactive dialogue sessions in the community that will combine theatre and discussion.

Lynn Huynh, marketing communications project manager at The Wellcome Trust, commented, “The Crunch will encompass the entire UK, will last for all of 2016, and involves us communicating complicated topics to a very wide range of audiences, many of whom, for very valid reasons, do not have environment, nutrition and health as a high priority.

As 2016 moves forward, The Crunch intends to develop a range of ideas for ways schools can take its topics outside of the classroom. The brand identity and commications for this will be delivered by creative design agency Blast.

For more information visit www.thecrunch.wellcome.ac.uk.