UK Parliament’s education team have launched a series of free workshops to help young people aged seven and above to learn about the work of UK Parliament.

UK Parliament

Source: © Roger Harris/UK Parliament

Pupils on a previous trip to the UK Parliament.

Hosted by Parliament’s trained education staff, the free 45-60 minute workshops are available to both Primary and Secondary level teachers, covering topics across the UK curricula.

These private, curricula-linked sessions are open for teachers to book now for September onwards. They are accessible to students whether they are at home or in the classroom and designed to be broadcast live so questions can be asked throughout.

Created for young people aged seven to 18, taking part in the online sessions will help students find out more about their local Member of Parliament (MP), how they represent them in the House of Commons and the kind of issues they can help with.

Through the chat box function, students will be encouraged to discuss what qualities an individual needs to become an MP.

The Education Centre at the UK Parliament is closed and all tours have now been stopped in line with the Government’s advice and guidance from Public Health England, which is why the online sessions have been developed. 

More about the online sessions

The sessions also aim to teach pupils more about the role of members of the House of Lords and how they check the work of the House of Commons.

The group then discuss who they would nominate to become a member – whether that’s someone in their class, a famous person or somebody in their local community.

The Primary and Secondary sessions conclude with an interactive quiz, where using the chat box, the group reflects on everything they have learned.

The workshop for older students focuses more on the difference between Parliament and Government, the stages of a bill becoming a law, what democracy means to them and how they can get their voices heard in UK Parliament.

For more information about the online workshops and to book a session, click here.