Legoland in Windsor has launched a new Design & Technology workshop called The Dragon’s Tale – Structure and Stability for Key Stage 1 pupils.

The workshop joins 11 other National Curriculum-led workshops, available for schools at Legoland, that cover subjects including Maths, Science, English and Computing.

The Dragon’s Tale workshop: what does it involve?

The Dragon’s Tale workshop encourages Key Stage 1 pupils to build a castle for a fictional baby dragon called Ollie. The session is 45 minutes long and suitable for groups of up to 30 students.

Students will collaborate in groups to build their very own Lego castle following the keys principles of a sound structural design.

Using Lego bricks, the group will work to understand the structure and design of buildings through investigating castle design. The children will experiment with creating their own castles and then redesign them, based on the techniques discussed.

Other objectives in the new workshop include understanding the need for effective building techniques to enhance the safety and stability of structures, and the implications if not.

Presenting and listening skills will also be improved during the session.

What else is new?

A Lego, Camera, Action! workshop – also new this year – has just launched, and is now up and running. This is a Computing and English session for Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils.

Utilising ‘Stop Motion’ IT software, students will collaborate and create their very own Lego movie through a process of storyboarding, photography and animation.

This workshop is suitable for up to 16 students and lasts 45 minutes. Working in pairs, students will collaborate to create an animated sequence showing understanding of computer design within a creative environment.

It’s hoped that by the end of the workshop, pupils will understand and develop the artistic skills required to animate inanimate objects.

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