The new dinosaur attraction will open in spring

Port Lympne Reserve, Kent’s largest wild animal park, has announced that preparations are underway for a new dinosaur attraction, and visiting pupils will be able to dig for fossils and try their hand at archaeology.

The dinosaurs will be displayed in their own Jurassic kingdom, and it’s said that it will be the largest collection of life size dinosaurs in Europe.

What will you be able to see?

Over 100 dinosaurs are expected to feature in the new attraction, including favourites such as the t-rex, diplodocus, and pterodactyl.

Students can walk amongst the giants of the Jurassic age, while a dedicated team of rangers will be on hand to tell the story of the animal kingdom as it was millions of years ago.

Due to open this spring, the experience will lend itself to both students and tourism visitors looking to learn and understand more about dinosaurs.

Pupils can also become amateur palaeontologists themselves, as they dig for fossils and even create their own dinosaurs.

Bob O’Connor, managing director said: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce the arrival of dinosaurs at Port Lympne Reserve. Not only will this be the largest collection of life size dinosaurs in Europe, each model will also be totally authentic and anatomically correct.”

More for schools at Port Lympne Reserve

Port Lympne is home to 88 species and over 700 animals, many of which you can get close to on a ride through the African Safari which is part of the site.

Teachers are recommended to allow between three and five hours during a visit to the park. There is free entry for every one teacher with ten pupils, and various education sessions and classroom activities are available.

Animal talks and guided tours can also be arranged, and must be booked in advance.

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