The new feature will allow school groups to discover the UK’s largest population of Piranhas and learn about some of the world’s most venomous jungle critters.


Rainforest Adventure invites visitors to discover thousands of the Amazon’s most amazing inhabitants including the UK’s largest population of Piranhas, with the new attraction housing over 300 of the captivating, carnivorous fish. 

What to expect from Rainforest Adventure

Your Amazonian inspired trip will begin in the Rainforest Ranger’s hut, where visitors will be guided by TV adventurer Andy Torbet (BBC’s The One Show, Coast) who is your Rainforest Ranger and virtual guide through the experience. 

From ‘awe-inspiring arachnids to toe curling cockroaches’, you can get a closer look in newly created tanks that allow you to get into a glass bubble and see these species from 360°.

You will also be able to visit the Riverside Research Camp, where pupils will learn all about the fascinating animals on display, their habitat and the importance of conservation, before continuing the expedition through the Amazon.

The new fully immersive and sensory experience will bring groups closer to incredible creatures of the jungle including hissing cockroaches, crocodiles, poison dart frogs; snapping and pig nosed Turtles, and the awe inspiring and world’s largest species of spider - the ‘Goliath Bird Eating Spider’.

Further information about SEA Life London

Rainforest Adventure will be a permanent addition to SEA LIFE London and included in the entrance price. 

Visitors can also enjoy getting up close to over 10,000 colourful aquatic inhabitants, representing over 500 species in 52 immersive displays. 

Schools visiting can also enjoy a range of workshops and sessions and teaching resources are also available on the website to tie in a visit with subjects taught at school.

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