Science Week

Building on its education programme, the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire has announced the launch of a Science Week for schools during the spring term. 

Science Week will be suitable for KS1 and KS2, and will run from 12th to 16th March. 

What will Science Week entail?

Pupils will be able to take part in a day of workshops covering topics such as forces, materials and states of matter, and will be able to make magnetic slime and explore the effects of pressure, friction and air resistance. 

The workshops promote teamwork as well as individual challenges and are suitable for pupils of all abilities. The activities are visual, so the day is also catered for kinaesthetic and visual learners. 

During the visit pupils will have the chance to take part in one of the STEM sessions where ‘LEGO® WeDo’ is used to help understand forces through Robotics. There is also the opportunity to explore the Museum’s extensive collection of historic British cars during this day of active learning. 

Caroline Reid, education officer at the British Motor Museum, said: “Our Schools Programme offers a great range of opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Science Week is designed to be fun and engaging, giving pupil’s the chance to explore Science in more depth. It is a popular addition to the usual STEM programmes offered by the Museum”. 

More for schools at the British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum delivers a range of educational packages which support the National Curriculum including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects at KS1 to KS4.  

Teachers wanting more details on the British Motor Museum’s schools programme or to request a brochure, can email or call 01926 649649.

For more information, visit