School groups visiting Star Trek: The Exhibition, located on Blackpool’s central promenade, can take advantage of a newly-launched education pack that links to Science and PSHE.

Star Trek%3A The Exhibition

Suitable for Primary and Secondary school groups, the resource can be used to support themes like space and technology, as well as social and cultural role play.

A number of preparation activities are included for pupils to take part in prior to a visit, as are activities to enjoy while at the exhibition itself which use the displays to support the desired learning outcomes.

Science students can use the education pack to learn about the race to the moon and space travel against the backdrop of the Cold War.

Pupils will also get to examine how Star Trek props can almost be viewed as prototypes for technological gadgets we know today, like phones and computers.

PSHE pupils, meanwhile, will get to explore Star Trek’s instrumental role in breaking down gender and race barriers.

An example of a PSHE activity involves the class being split up into groups based on eye colour and experiencing what it’s like to be told you are inferior to a superior party based on genetics. The students will be encouraged to debate whether this is fair or not.

The new educational resources are available to download here.

Star Trek: The Exhibition

Star Trek: The Exhibition features over 100 exhibits, displaying the 50 year history of the sci-fi television programme and media franchise, which has had six television series and 13 films.

Visitors exploring the displays will be able to see props, costumes, artefacts and scripts, many of which have been donated by private collectors – so have rarely been seen by the public before.

More information for schools

Groups are classed as numbering ten or more. For school groups, tickets are priced at £6.50 per pupil and one teacher enters free with every ten tickets purchased.   

Teachers can pre-book by calling 0844-844 2121. 

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