The register aims to raise the profile of EVCs and their role in ensuring the safety and effective management of educational visits.

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Managed and administered by EVOLVE Advice, which provides support and training to schools related to educational visits, the aim of the register is for all trained EVCs to join and provide a single source of data.

Director of EVOLVE Advice, Jake Wiid said: “We launched The EVC Register to highlight the importance of the EVC role and to provide a visible national register for EVCs.

“The EVC Register helps to give EVCs the recognition they deserve and makes it easy for them to share their achievements. With many organisations taking an interest in the role of the EVC, we also wanted to create a simple way for schools, trusts, and local authorities to be able to identify if a school has a suitably trained EVC in post.”

How does The EVC Register work?

Educational visits coordinators trained by EVOLVE Advice are automatically added to the register when they successfully complete their training, which is delivered by OEAP course directors and accredited by the Institute for Outdoor Learning. It launched with more than 3,000 EVCs listed. 

However, all EVCs trained by an OEAP course director or approved Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education (SAPOE) trainer, are also encouraged to join the register with their qualifications verified before being added.

Vince Taylor, principle health and safety adviser at Leicester City Council said: “We welcome the launch of The EVC Register. It’s an important resource for us to check the status of trained EVCs in our schools and any EVCs moving from another authority to ours.

“All schools should have appropriately trained staff overseeing their educational visits programmes. We applaud the drive to raise and maintain high standards of training to support EVCs in their role.”

School trip planning

The role of an EVC is to support and oversee planning of educational visits and ensure good practice. 

EVOLVE Advice trains around 60 EVCs each week, helping to ensure that those responsible for educational visits and learning beyond the classroom are aware of the relevant guidance and legislation, and know how to effectively manage visit programmes and teams to keep children safe.

What is an educational visits coordinator?

The Department for Education states that schools should appoint an educational visits coordinator and ‘make sure they have the training they need’.

The guidance states: ‘The headteacher assumes this duty if there is no coordinator. Local authorities or academy trust outdoor education advisers can advise on appointing and training coordinators. The coordinator works with the outdoor education adviser to help their colleagues in school to assess and manage risks.’

EVCs are said to be a champion for all aspects of visits and outdoor learning. 

There is further information and guidance on the Outdoor Education Adviser’s Panel website too, just search for ‘educational visits coordinator’. 

EVCs can register, view and edit their profiles at