Paultons Family Theme Park

Paultons Family Theme Park, in Hampshire, will be introducing new wildlife themed workshops suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils come 2018.

The new workshops will take place in the newly developed area of the park, Little Africa, which is inspired by the continent and all that can be discovered there.

The construction of Little Africa is well on the way and will include a nocturnal house, outdoor enclosures and a free-flying aviary full of exotic African species of birds.

The workshops will be suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils and will tie in with both the Geography and Science curriculum.

Little Africa workshops

Workshops will be matched to the National Curriculum and will offer exciting ‘animal encounter’ sessions where classes can meet and stroke real animals including reptiles, mammals and invertebrates.

New workshops will include African Animals; Rainforests; Fur, feathers and Scales; Animal Conservation; Habitats and Nutrition.

Each workshop will offer something different to tie in with your class’ studies and more information about the precise itineraries and details will be revealed shortly.

Teachers should keep an eye on the education page of the Paultons Family Theme Park website for further details on these new workshops coming next season.

What else is new?

Another new workshop has been created called Theme Park Creator, available now and suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. 

During this cross-curricular workshop, pupils will spend a day at the park followed by at 45 minute session giving them the skills needed to create their own park, from carrying out research to designing the park. The attraction also offers resources for teachers to take the workshop back to the classroom for further lessons.

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