The York Dungeon

The York Dungeon has launched a new workshop which ties in with the Drama curriculum.

The Dungeon is described as a 75 minute journey back through 2000 years of the city's gruesome history. With the use of theatrics, special effects and a variety of scenes, schools can get a real taste for what life would have been like through different eras.

The workshop also incorporates elements of History and creative thinking, as well as Drama.

What does the workshop offer?

The Vikings may not have written much down but they did pass down their stories and sagas through story-telling and song, and schools are encouraged to bring the tales back to life.

Pupils will be transformed into Viking storytellers and will get the opportunity to learn Viking terminology, take part in active warm-ups and exercises, and experience how History and Drama can be combined.

School groups will be able to find out about the sagas and the ‘Skalds’ that told them. They will also learn and perform an ‘epic saga’ of “Thor vs Hrungnir”.

The childrens’ voices, physicality and characterisation will combine to create a Viking persona that can be delivered as a performance to the whole group.

School visits to The York Dungeon

Schools can combine a visit to the Dungeon with a tour of the city with one of the attraction’s costumed guides.

The York Dungeon can also provide you and your school group with a proposed itinerary to make your trip easier to plan.

School discounts are available and can be arranged by contacting 

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