Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo has recently introduced two new Key Stage 2 workshops that will allow pupils to discover more about the environment through hands-on, interactive experiences.

The two new workshops Skeletons & Movement and Nutrition & Digestion focus on animals, including humans and the ways in which they all work and live.

About the workshops

Skeletons & Movements will help learners explore the importance of skeletons at providing support and helping animals move.

Pupils will also have the opportunity to investigate the similarities and differences between skeletons of a number of zoo animals, while discovering how animals can move in many different ways.

Nutrition & Digestion will explain to pupils that animals have different ideas of what makes a tasty meal, from meat to fish and fruit eaters to grass eaters.

In this workshop, students will investigate what makes a suitable diet for some of Chester Zoo’s animals, comparing the differences between the teeth of herbivores and carnivores.

They will also experience a food’s eye view of the digestive system.

Chester Zoo additional workshops

Chester Zoo offers an array of choice when it comes to educational workshops, for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3-4.

Key Stage 2 workshops include ‘Rainforests’, which will teaches pupils the importance of rainforests and what we can do to help save them, while ‘Survival in the wild’ allows students to get hands-on with the zoo’s artefacts and explore animal adaptations, interdependence and food chains.

Key Stage 3-4 workshops aim to provide first-hand knowledge of working with wildlife, with subjects, such as ‘Conservation’, ‘Classification’ and ‘Adaptations’.

Booking a school trip

Schools interested in any of the workshops can book for autumn 2017 and spring 2018, off-peak.
Teachers interested in booking a school trip can contact

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