School pupils are now able to take part in The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience, putting their mental and physical skills to the test.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

Can you and your class handle the pressure?

The experience, which is based on the original 1990s TV game show, is now welcoming students to one of its two centres in Manchester or London, with the aim of your class winning as many crystals as possible.

Trips are available to Secondary School children, aged 13+, with special school rates available for groups of 32 or more.

Every maze team consists of eight people and must include at least one teacher.

One teacher will also go free with every ten paying pupils.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

There are four zones across the maze to be explored.

What can your class get out of the day?

Both experiences in London and Manchester target four learning areas for pupils and staff:

  • Problem solving - The tasks are made to be challenging and cover a range of skill challenges, which test mathematics, decisiveness and intuition.
  • Working as a team - Both students and teachers will learn how to get the best out of each other and play to each others’ strengths.
  • Working under pressure - You’re always against the clock in the different tasks on offer, so it’s down to the whole team to keep calm and work efficiently.
  • Confidence building - The maze throws different obsticles around every corner, overcoming these scenarios can help pupils build confidence and a positive state of mind.

The Dome at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

Catch as many golden tickets as possible for a spot on the leaderboard.

More about the experience 

Your class will be led by a Maze Master through four-themed zones: Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic, with the ultimate goal of winning a crystal.

Each crystal won means more time in the dome at the end, where the aim is to catch enough golden tickets to get yourself a spot on the leaderboard.

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