The Canterbury Tales attraction

The Canterbury Tales visitor attraction and Canterbury Roman Museum will be launching a joint school ticket in 2017. 

This new offering will allow pupils the opportunity to delve into two periods of English history in a one day excursion to Kent.

The proposed timetable for the trips will start with pupils visiting the Canterbury Roman Museum, which was built around the remains of an original Roman town house. 

A trip to this location will include various activities such as artefact handling, dress up and the chance to become a detective in a murder mystery game.

The second half of the trip will offer schools a chance to go to The Canterbury Tales visitor attraction, located inside the former St Margaret’s church. Here pupils will discover the sights, sounds and smells of the 14th century, along with learning about Geoffrey Chaucer, famous poet and the author of The Canterbury Tales.

At this attraction, pupils can learn about the band of pilgrims who journeyed from The Tabard Inn in London to the shrine of St Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral and hear their stories as told in The Canterbury Tales.

All these activities are educationally beneficial for pupils and are ideal for Key Stages 1 to 3.

Also available to schools booking a joint ticket to The Canterbury Tales and the Canterbury Roman Museum, is a lunchroom for pupils to take a break in-between their visits.

This joint ticket option fits well with History and English curriculums, covering topics such as Roman Britain, Medieval eras, local history and poetry.

Vicki Lyden, sales and marketing manager at The Canterbury Tales, said: “It’s so exciting to add this new option to our already varied schools offer.

“I am confident that this will provide tremendous educational value to teachers and students alike.”

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