Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in London has recently launched a new workshop for Key Stage 2 and redeveloped another.

The museum has a large educational offering which includes workshops catering for all Key Stages as well as guided tours, downloadable teaching resources, and discounted exhibition entry.

Wallace and Evolution

The new workshop, Wallace and Evolution is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils and looks at Alfred Russel Wallace, who alongside Charles Darwin, was a scientist who looked at the ideas of evolution.

 The workshop will let pupils learn how to identify adaptations in living things and understand how advantageous adaptions over time can lead to evolution. 

Students will learn about adaptation, life cycles and evolution by natural selection, tying in with the Science curriculum.

Mary Anning

The Mary Anning workshop has been reworked and lets pupils study the famous fossil hunter from the Victorian era. Pupils will look at the process of fossilisation and lead an investigate of one of her famous discoveries, the Ichthyosaurus. Students will learn about fossilisation and adaption.

Schools at Natural History Museum

Workshops suitable for Key Stage 1 include the Super Stegosaurus workshop and Storytelling with Puppets.

Other workshops suitable for Key Stage 2 involve Dino Scene Investigation and Dino Scientist.

For Key Stage 3, there's the Cocoon workshop and Investigate science centre for students to get hands-on.

Workshops for Key Stage 4 include The Great Debate.

The Natural History Museum also hosts various school events throughout the year, and teachers should keep an eye on the website’s events calendar for special dates.

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Lead image credit: Natural History Museum.