Marvellous Mini-Beasts session

The Marvellous Monsters exhibition at Longleat, opening on 8th April, will be introducing a brand new education workshop for schools.

The new workshop, titled Marvellous Mini-Beasts, has been designed to supplement a school’s visit to the Marvellous Monsters exhibition.

Marvellous Mini-Beasts

This new session will be flexible to Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 and puts insects into the spotlight, and looks at their roles within the animal kingdom.

The interactive workshop focusses on the anatomy and behaviour of all sorts of mini-beasts, and visiting pupils will get a first-hand opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Longleat’s extraordinary residents, such as cockroaches, giant African land snails and tarantulas.

Schools will also benefit from a talk from one of Longleat’s insect and reptile keepers who will teach classes about different characteristics of insects and their significance within the eco-system as well as everyday life.

Marvellous Monsters

The Marvellous Monsters exhibition will be open from 8th April until 29th October and aims to raise awareness for the need to conserve insects.

Visitors will come face to face with humongous animatronic creepy crawlies and get a new perspective on these bizarre creatures.

From garden insects to the more exotic, there will be a host of bugs to discover and learn about.

Activity worksheets will also be available for young visitors to aid with learning as they go around the new exhibition.

The Longhouse, Longleat’s new event space, will be hosting a section of the exhibition which will look at mantises.

Schools at Longleat

There are plenty of other things for schools to do on a trip to Longleat, with various workshops and sessions catered to all Key Stages, such as sessions on Butterflies, Habitats and Adaptation, and World War One.

Special rates for schools are also available.

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