Future Engineers Gallery - Girl using tech

The new permanent gallery, opening on 19th October will introduce students to the world of engineering.

Pupils will be able to test their skills in a series of interactive exhibits designed to inspire an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Games and challenges within the exhibition will encourage creativity, social value and information on the range of jobs available in engineering.  

About the gallery

The new Future Engineers gallery joins the other permanent Digging Deeper gallery and The Secret Life of a Megaproject exhibition as part of the Year of

Engineering 2018, a project to raise the profile of engineering to seven to 16 year olds.

Sam Mullins, director of the London Transport Museum, in Covent Garden, said: “From fixing a train in our ‘fixer’ challenge to having your palm scanned by the latest ticketing technology, our new Future Engineers gallery is great fun and challenges our visitors’ perceptions of engineering.

“The future London will be shaped by engineers; our new gallery asks how much of a dreamer, planner or fixer you are, creating a fresh view of the skills and mindsets needed to make a career as an engineer.

“This is a big step in London Transport Museum’s mission to introduce the next generation, especially girls, to the vast array of rewarding careers in transport engineering.”

Gallery highlights

•    Students will be able to experience operating a modern train by using control buttons and a computer system to navigate through tunnels and pull into a platform in a recreated train cab.
•    The Fix That Train challenge will show students how technology helps with train maintenance and safety.
•    The Go With The Flow exhibit will demonstrate to students how ticketing has evolved over the years. Objects in the exhibit will include a bell punch ticket machine and a palm scanner by Cubic Transport Systems which will show how a human might become their ticket in the future.
•    The Future Job Generator activity will encourage students to work out what personality type they are, and from there select a suitable future job.
•    The Shape Your City exhibit features an interactive table-top game on which pupils can race to create a well-connected and sustainable city.

Other activities at London Transport Museum

•    Digging Deeper gallery: Explore the history of tunnelling and the development of the Greathead tunnelling shield.
•    The Select Life of a Megaproject exhibition: Discover the lesser-known stories about the Crossrail project.

For more information visit, https://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/whats-on/year-of-engineering/future-engineers.

Image: Girl using tech (Photo Credit: London Transport Museum)