Learn Coding And Online Safety At The Digital Kids Show %7C School Travel News

On the 29th and 30th of October, schools will be able to attend the Digital Kids Show in Manchester to learn more about the opportunities and dangers of the online world.

The show features six zones, including Gaming and Retro Tech, Safe Tech, Appletics and Kids Food, Children’s Media, Digital Angels zones, and a Digital, Stem & Coding Skills zone.

The Gaming and Retro Tech zone will offer retro and next generation computer games and tech, and offer children the chance to experience some of the latest innovations from the digital world, including VR gaming and the latest gadgets.

The Safe Tech zone will be all about helping to keep children safe online and will provide advice on staying ahead of the dangers and risks that come with being online.

The zone will also offer advice regarding cyber bullying, predators, hackers and viruses.

Children will learn how tech can be used to aid healthy living in the Appletics and Kids Food zone. They’ll experience challenges such as battling it out with avatars for the most steps and boxing contests. Plus they’ll find out how track what their family is eating.

In the Children’s Media zone, schools will learn all about blogging, vlogging and social plugging, with famous faces such as Dick and Dom and YouTube stars stopping by.

The Digital, STEM & Coding Skills zone will inform children about the vast array of digital opportunities available in the world, with practical challenges and experiences.

Finally, the Digital Angels zone will be filled with tech experts who will assist teachers interested in investing in some new tech. The experts will share advice, tips and hints and will advise on how to get the best deal.

They’ll also clear up any unclear jargon and answer any questions teachers may have.

The show will also include rides, shows and performances.

Ed Vaizey, minister of state for the department for Culture, Media and Sport, commented, “Packed with fun, educational and informative activity it really is the perfect event to get involved in and attend.”

For more information visit www.digitalkidsshow.co.uk.