Blue Tongued Skink

Hobbledown in Epsom, Surrey, has introduced some new Science themed workshops to its educational offering.

Described as a ‘mystical farm park adventure’ the attraction offers school visits with a number of different packages, including animal and nature trails and animal handling sessions.

New for 2018

New this year are the interactive Animal Educational Visits where school groups can choose from a Minibeasts session or Rainforest session, both of which link in with various Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum topics including working scientifically, living things and their habitats and classification.

Minibeasts looks at an introduction to invertebrates. During this session, children will learn that the animal kingdom is usually split into 2 main groups – invertebrates and vertebrates.

The session will include a meet and greet with a variety of the invertebrates such as giant snails, cockroaches and stick insects. Pupils will also get the opportunity to meet and compare some of the vertebrates at Hobbledown.

The Rainforest sessions will introduce children to the diversity of the world’s rainforests. They will learn to identify the various layers of the rainforest, the animals which live in them and to classify them as omnivores, herbivores or carnivores.

The session will begin with a meet and greet with the animals from each layer, such as:  the forest floor including snails, cockroaches, millipedes and tortoises; the understory including snails, cockroaches and stick insects; the canopy including tree frogs, snakes and lizards; and emergents primarily including birds.

Children will also learn about the importance of conservation, sustainability and recycling in this session.

Each educational session can be tailored to suit the needs of your school group. School rates are available, and teachers can contact 01708 385096 for more information.

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