Hever Castle is inviting young history enthusiasts to embark on an exciting journey through time with Mission History, a full-day immersive educational experience designed for Key Stage 2 students. 

School children visiting Hever Castle in Kent

Pupils can explore a wealth of history at Hever Castle in Kent.

Running from 14th to 16th October, Mission History offers a series of interactive activities that bring history to life - the educational programme allows students to explore five distinct historical periods through hands-on activities.

Each group will rotate through missions focused on Ancient Greece and Rome, the Norse invasions, Medieval times, the Tudor era, and World War Two. The mission? To understand how people lived in different eras and track the progress made from century to century.

Key Missions Include:

Mission 1: Cracking the Code of Ancient Greece & Rome
Become a time travelling tourist and decode ancient statues in a secret Italian garden to uncover clues about life in these mighty empires.

Mission 2: Norse Invasion: Artefact Adventure
Join John Conyard from Historical Interpretations to analyse Viking artefacts and become an archaeologist, bringing the history of settlers, traders, and raiders to life.

Hever Castle

Learn more about Henry VIII and his wives during the Castle Secrets takeover.

Mission 3: Medieval Mystery: Masters of the Sky
Witness an aerial display by Willow Birds of Prey and learn how these magnificent birds were used for hunting and sport during medieval times.

Mission 4: Tudor Takeover: Castle Secrets
Act as Royal Investigators on a top-secret tour of the castle, uncovering the fascinating stories of Anne Boleyn and Anne of Cleves, wives of King Henry VIII.

Mission 5: WWII Codebreakers
Become a World War Two Code Cracker by mastering essential communication skills like semaphore, compass reading, Morse code and map deciphering.

Mission History is said to offer a blend of education and excitement, designed to engage students. Each mission has been created to provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience, ensuring students not only understand historical events but also enjoy the process of discovery.

Teachers can book in up to 25 Key Stage 2 pupils per group, with a minimum of one adult per ten students. More information is available by emailing groups@hevercastle.co.uk or at www.hevercastle.co.uk/visit/school-trips.