‘School of Hard Rock’ is a new educational programme dedicated to all Primary and Secondary aged pupils, taking place in its flagship, Old Park Lane restaurant in London.

Hard Rock Cafe, Old Park Lane

Schools can now visit the Hard Rock Cafe for an educational day out.

Visiting schools to the programme will take part in a 45-minute presentation, which is then followed by a Q&A, tour and set lunch.

The experience allows children to learn about the Hard Rock Cafe’s origins, menu and memorabilia, with the presentation able to be based around a theme your class wants to know more about.

The tour will take children into the rock ‘n’ roll museum, formerly Coutts Bank used by The Queen to hold her crown jewels, to see its extensive collection of music memorabilia. 

The first part of your lesson is dedicated to the history of the brand and the second can be chosen by the teacher to suit the needs of the children.

Each pupil will also take away a Hard Rock certificate confirming their attendance and participation at the restaurant.

The vault at Hard Rock Cafe, Old Park Lane

The vault contains an extensive amount of memorabilia.

First half of the session

Pupils will follow the story of the Hard Rock Cafe that was created in the 1970s when Peter Morton and Isacc Tigrett opened an American diner in central London, dedicated to rock music.

As well as this, your class will uncover the story of the birth of Hard Rock’s memorabilia collection which has become a big part of music history.

The second half of the session

Teachers can choose from four themes to make up the second part of the workshop, surrounding different areas of the company. These include:

  • Sales & Marketing - Learn about the development of the brand including tourism, marketing, partnerships, locator advertising and social media.
  • Food & Beverage Management - Discover the chain’s classic but constantly evolving menu and learn about its culinary influences. This option will educate pupils on how food is prepared and the most popular choices on its menu.
  • Visual Merchandising & Retail - Hear about the strategies in place to promote the brand through merchandise, as well as the management and development of the Rock Shop.
  • Philanthropy - Understand the impact of the company’s work with numerous charities over the past four decades.

For more information about the School of Hard Rock, visit www.hardrockcafe.com/location/london. Bookings and queries can be made to Lauren Symon on 020 7514 1700 or by emailing Lauren.Symons@hardrock.com