Redfield Edge Primary School Dino Day

An exhibition that opened in June at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is now offering school workshops to accompany it as well as a Dinosaur Takeover in November.

The exhibition, called Pliosaurus: Face to face with a Jurassic beast features an eight metre long Pliosaurus skeleton called Doris.

The exhibition focuses on the creature and will allow visitors to touch the skin and learn more about the gigantic dinosaur.

Pliosaurus: Face to face with a Jurassic beast will be open until 7th January 2018.

School workshops and a Dinosaur Takeover

The Dinosaur Takeover will take place between 21st and 24th November and will offer schools the opportunity to meet with an expert from Bristol University and take part in hands on activities.

There will also be school workshops and resources available when taking your class to the museum.

School groups will be invited to get hands-on and discover more about dinosaurs and explore the various species and view dinosaur artefacts.

Students will also learn more about the job of a dinosaur scientist before visiting the new exhibition and investigating how the underwater beast lived and died.

They will learn about the city of Bristol and how it would have been millions of years ago and will get to handle real fossil evidence.

Further information

The activities are suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2 and can cater for classes of up to 35 pupils. Various session times are available and teachers should visit the website for information on how to book.

The skeleton was discovered in Wiltshire in 1994 and is said to be the world’s only example of a new species of Pliosaur, the ‘Pliosaurus Carpenter’. It took roughly ten years to prepare the fossils that were found so that it can now be on display for the first time.

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Photo credit: James Beck