Educational Rates Launched At Vertigo Adventures Stanborough Park %7C School Travel News

Vertigo Adventures Stanborough Park in Hertfordshire’s Welwyn Garden City has launched special rates for educational groups.

The rates have been launched to encourage schools to participate in activities which help foster team work among students and boost confidence.

Schools can choose from a session on the Monkey Trail Low Ropes for £8 per student, which is ten foot tall and features nine elements such as Sky Islands and Twin Tube Tunnels, or the more challenging Hawks View High Ropes.

The latter is 40ft high and offers a bird’s eye view of the 126 acres of parkland, and costs £12 per student.

For every ten students who book, one teacher goes free.

For an additional £5, students can pick an extra activity – The Flying Fox, a 165ft zipwire experience, The Plummet, a 40ft leap on the power fan descender, or a Crazy Climb to the top of the tower.

Vertigo Adventures Stanborough Park also offers a number of team building workshops.

These include:

Jacobs Ladder – a challenge that requires good communication and teamwork as pupils test their co-operation, balance, co-ordination and strength to reach the top of the giant Jacobs Ladder which is suspended 40ft in the air.

High All Aboard – a delicate balancing act and a classic exercise in trust. Children climb the 40ft pole to access a small platform where they will balance themselves to make room for three more people. They will then hold each other’s hands and lean back over the edge, one by one, to test their trust in each other.

Crate Stack – a test of balance and co-ordination as schools work together in pairs to stack as many milk crates underneath as they can. The aim is to build the tower as high as possible before it collapses.

Gladiator Challenge – pupils work together with their team mates to ascend the poles, tyres and nets to get to the top of the gladiator challenge that hangs from a 40ft steel bar. This workshop is designed to increase comradeship, patience and control.

Tarzan jump – schools climb a 40ft pole to a small platform where they are then encouraged to leap across to grab a trapeze bar. This challenge requires courage and determination.

Each workshop lasts around 90 minutes, includes a dedicated instructor and costs £15 per student.

Activities are available for Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4 students and beyond into higher education.

For more information, to check availability or to book, call 01707-382594, e-mail or visit