The Big Bang Fair

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair will take place at The NEC, Birmingham from 15th to 18th March in 2017.

The event is said to be one of the largest celebrations of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) for young people in the UK.

The Big Bang Fair offers a combination of theatre shows, interactive workshops and exhibits, and careers information from STEM professionals.

Educational shows

Students visiting the fair can enjoy a number of live shows; one of which is called Gastronaut and the Quantum Mechanical Chocolate Factory.

It’s described as a Wonka-esque STEM show in which the team onstage will tackle both simple and complex STEM using visual/edible spectacles to make it easy to understand.

Students should expect glowing quantum mechanical drinks, live chocolate-making, exploding strawberry clouds and apple juice spaghetti.

Another live production will be the Hollywood Special Effects Show. Pupils can join a team of professionals for a revealing insight into the world of special effects in film making.

Audience members will feel the heat from an onstage inferno, get up close with recreated gruesome monsters, be blown away by apocalyptic weather and experience what an explosion feels like.

Linking to Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be a show called The Blowfish - The World’s ONLY Heavy Metal Marine Biologist. Students watching will find out what makes the world's oceans such a brutal place to live.

And linking to Chemistry, Engineering and Technology will be Mad About Energy; an interactive show looking at futuristic technology. Children will learn about fossil fuels, smell fiery gas balls (safely) and discover the works of famous scientists.

Visiting information

The Big Bang Fair will run from Wednesday 15th March to Saturday 18th March; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are predominantly for visiting educational groups and Saturday is for families.

For further information visit