Conkers, the visitor attraction in The National Forest in Leicestershire, has announced that it will be offering new educational visits this March.

Directed towards Key Stage 2 pupils, the visits will offer education on different eras of history including the Anglo Saxons and the Stone Age.

The attraction will be working with Yeo Theatre Company in order to provide the educational days, which will involve role playing, workshops and live demonstrations.

Anglo Saxon Days

The Anglo Saxon Days will take place between 8th and 16th March.

Schools taking part will get to experience Saxon entertainment including listening to stories and playing games.

Other activities and workshops will include: learning about settlers and invaders; meeting various characters playing Saxon roles and exploring village life and jobs; Saxon clothing; and learning about the Norman invasion and the tactics used for battle.

Stone Age Days

Stone Age Days will take place between 22nd and 30th March.

Students and visitors will get to learn about beliefs and burials of the Stone and Bronze Age people, along with their worshipping rituals.

Pupils will also get to: compare the contrast between the different lifestyles, such as hunters and farmers; learn how Stone Age people made and used weapons and tools; discover the methods of trade; and find out how they made food, which will include demonstrations and hands-on activities.

More about Conkers

Conkers is situated in 120 acres of woodland near Leicestershire. It has on-site classrooms and teaching facilities and more than 100 educational interactive exhibits.

It also has lakes, ponds, play areas and an 18 stage assault course challenge. 

There are four seasonal zones at Conkers and visitors can experience the Enchanted Forest which involves climbing through the treetops and along rope walkways.

Pre-visits for teachers can be arranged.

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