Coca Cola London Eye.

The Coca-Cola London Eye has unveiled new Discovery Workshops offering enhanced in-capsule experiences for school groups.

The sessions will be available to book from 16th October and teachers will be able to secure places for KS2 or KS3 workshops focusing on the sites, architecture, geography and history of London.

About the workshops

The KS2 Workshop ties in with History, Art, DT, English, Geography and Maths, allowing pupils to learn more about the locations, history and architects of London’s landmarks, while exploring the different ways the river is used today and in the past.

Students will also have the chance to consider the different types and structures of bridges spanning the River Thames.

In addition, they will be challenged to use numbers and estimations to think about how the London Eye was built and is run, along with discovering more about Victorian London and what is buried beneath Cleopatra’s Needle.

The KS3 Workshop ties in with Geography, DT, Maths and Art, giving pupils the opportunity to add context to human and physical geography and geography fieldwork, for example understanding more about the River Thames and its impact on the development of London.

They will also learn more about the designers and engineers behind London’s iconic buildings and bridges, while being inspired by the architecture and features of London’s skyline as the stimulus to produce creative artwork.

Pre and post-visit material will also be made available to teachers.

Booking your visit

Admission with a Discovery Workshop includes a KS2 or KS3 educational workshop with a Discovery host, along with priority boarding through Fast Track entrance.

It also includes entry to the 4D Cinema Experience, one free teacher ticket with every five primary school pupils or ten secondary school pupils and two free planning tickets.

To book any of the workshops, call 0871 222 3345.