BeVenturesome, a company based in Swanage that strives to get children learning outside the classroom, has launched its #AdventureAtHome campaign to keep children active and engaged while indoors.

BeVenturesome's #AdventureAtHome

Students can learn all sorts of important lessons in these new videos.

Formed in 2018 by Graham Milton and his wife Sophie, BeVenturesome usually offers pupils the chance to take part in action-packed weeks in Morzine in the French Alps as well as other trips.

Now, BeVenturesome’s founders are bringing learning to children who are isolated indoors through a series of videos on the company’s website.

The videos from Graham are filmed in and around his house, aiming to help children learn key adventure skills for future trips and also show them what they can get up to around the house while following Government advice to stay at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking to School Travel Organiser about what he hopes children will get out of the videos, Graham said: “Firstly, enjoyment but secondly strength. I want these videos to be something to help them get through these turbulent times.

“Thirdly, I hope it gives children appreciation for adventure and the natural world and how it can help everyday life for when this is all over.”

BeVenturesome's #AdventureAtHome

Graham shows pupils the importance of adventure in his videos.

Just some of the positive educational videos already online include how you can find north using spaghetti should you not have a compass, and how to track-stand (ride a bike without moving) to improve cycling skills for when children can ride further afield.  

Future videos to look out for

  • 3 steps to resilience - How children can push the boundaries of their comfort zone and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Signs of spring - How to spot different seasonal flowers while on your daily exercise allowance. 
  • Planning your dream adventure - How children can use their imaginations to plan a trip anywhere in the world, with a worksheet available too.
  • Others include how to tie some useful knots, yoga sessions and strava art.

Graham continued: “I realised that the character skills that kids get from adventure activities are more important than ever in these challenging times which is why I created these videos. I feel now it’s a golden opportunity for adventure to shine.

“The reaction has been quite positive so far, but I think the next round of videos will start to become a really useful resource for children.”

You can find more information about the #AdventureAtHome initiative at