Knowing more about our readers and online audience can only be a good thing. So, to help us create the best content and to uncover trends and views of interest to schools and providers, we asked readers to complete a new survey.

Through the ‘School Trips & Learning Outside The Classroom Survey 2023’ teachers and educational visits coordinators told us how, what and why.

533 respondents participated and the findings will help to ensure we continue to create the most helpful and relevant content and services.

Getting the latest views and insight is important, as well as understanding where schools and organisations find ideas, advice and contacts. Plus, it can be interesting and beneficial for schools and providers to see trends within the sector.

We also wanted to know where you go for trusted sources of information and how teachers and EVCs discover what’s new.

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Here’s what we found out…

There was a good mix of participants.  

WE ASKED: What is your role?

You said…
Educational Visits Coordinator 26.10%
Class Teacher 22.36%
Deputy / Assistant Headteacher 17.66%
Head of Year / Department 16.18%
Headteacher 15.13%
Teaching Assistant 13.97%
Other 2.11%*

* answers for those selecting ‘other’ included: trips coordinator, LOtC coordinator, cover teacher, educational/pastoral mentor, assistant business manager, learning outside the classroom lead, outdoor adventure education coordinator.

WE ASKED: What type of school or organisation do you work in?

You said…
Academy 32.69%
Independent School 23.08%
Maintained School (Local Authority) 18.80%
Free School 17.09%
Multi-Academy Trust 7.05%
Special School 1.07%
Other 0.21%

WE ASKED: What is the educational age range of your school / organisation? (select all that apply)

You said…
Primary (ages 5-11) 30.77%
Secondary (ages 11-16) 29.70%
Sixth Form / College (ages 16-18) 23.08%
Upper (ages 13-16) 14.53%
Middle (ages 9-13) 14.10%
Lower (ages 5-9) 3.21%

WE ASKED: What types of school trips and visits does your school run? (select all that apply)

You said…
Local school trips 92.15%
Day trips of more than an hour away 81.00%
Residentials (1 night or more) 74.62%
Overseas trips 52.02%

Teacher with pupils

Source: Shutterstock

As you would expect, those taking part in the survey were active when it comes to learning outside the classroom with 92% from schools that organise local trips, and 74% organising residentials.

WE ASKED: When your school runs residentials (one night or more), what time of year do you go? (select all that apply)

You said…
Spring 69.91%
Summer 65.62%
Winter 36.82%
Autumn 35.19%
Our school / organisation does not run residentials 2.36%

WE ASKED: How far ahead do you plan school trips?

 Type3 months or less 3 months+ 6 months+ 12 months+ 18 months+ n/a                 
Local school trips  34.27% 24.35%  21.55%  8.41%  2.80%  8.62%
Day trips of more than an hour away  36.42%  27.16% 18.10%  6.47%  5.17%  6.68%
Residentials (1 night or more away)  15.52% 27.80%  25.22%  16.81%  7.11%  7.54%
Overseas trips  5.84% 7.04%  27.17%  28.59%  17.33%  14.03%

WE ASKED: How far are you willing to travel for…

You said…
TypeUp to 25 milesUp to 50 milesUp to 100 milesUp to 200 miles200 miles+ n/a                  
Day trips   26.51%  30.39%  27.37% 10.78%  3.66% 1.29%
UK residentials  12.93%  23.16%  29.09% 20.81%  9.70% 4.31%

Child on zip wire

Source: ING Image

When it came to organising residential visits, 28% said they plan 12 months or more ahead, with 20% prepared to travel 200 miles or more.

WE ASKED: How do you communicate with providers and book your school trips? (select all that apply)

You said…
Email 79.41%
Phone 65.48%
Website 26.02%
You said…
History 42.81%
Geography 41.45%
English 35.13%
STEM 33.17%
Art and Design 29.39%
Science 28.62%
Citizenship 26.32%
Leisure and Tourism 26.10%
Business Studies 24.34%
Design and Technology 21.93%
Dance 20.83%
Media 19.08%
Music 18.86%
Maths 18.60%
Computing 17.32%
Physical Education 17.32%
Modern Foreign Languages 15.35%
Food and Nutrition 14.25%
Drama 13.16%
Religious Education 10.75%
Other 1.10%*

* answers for those selecting ‘other’ included: PSHE, team building, life skills, cross-curricular. 

You said…
Museums and Galleries 37.50%
Adventure and Activity Centres 32.68%
Natural and Outdoor Attractions 32.24%
Residentials 29.65%
Historic Venues 24.56%
Theatre 22.15%
Skiing and Snowsports 22.15%
Sporting Venues 19.30%
Zoos and Wildlife Attractions 15.57%
Theme Parks 14.91%

WE ASKED: Do you prefer to visit attractions that provide workshops?

You said…
Yes workshops are important 76.10%
It’s preferable but not essential 21.49%
It doesn’t matter 2.41%

Children stargazing

Source: Unsplash

32% of respondents said that Natural and Outdoor Attractions were the most popular type of trip they run, with only Museums and Galleries (37%) and Adventure and Activity Centres (32%) above it.

Magazines and media habits

WE ASKED: What magazines, websites and media do you use to find ideas, advice and contacts when planning and organising school trips? (select all that apply)

You said…
School Travel Organiser magazine 77.05%
School Travel Organiser website 70.09%
Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook 52.29%
TES 20.26%
Plan My School Trip 14.98%
Teach Secondary 14.76%
Teach Primary 6.61%
Other 1.10%

WE ASKED: What magazine, website or media is your preferred source to find ideas, advice and contacts when planning and organising school trips? (select only one)

You said…
School Travel Organiser magazine 39.21%
School Travel Organiser website 22.69%
Learning Outside the Classroom Yearbook 20.04%
Teach Secondary 4.85%
Teach Primary 3.96%
TES 3.74%
Plan My School Trip 3.30%

Teenager visiting an Aquarium

Source: iStock.

More respondents are using the School Travel Organiser portfolio than any other media source and it remains the preferred choice to find ideas and contacts for educational visits.

Awards and Recognition

WE ASKED: We also organise the annual School Travel Awards initiative. If you see that an attraction or provider is a past winner, would that encourage you to visit or use their services?

You said…
Yes it would encourage me more 94.05%
It wouldn’t make any difference 5.95%

WE ASKED: Are you aware of the LOtC Quality Badge, developed and managed by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom?

You said…
Yes 88.99%
No 11.01%

WE ASKED: If an attraction or provider has been awarded an LOtC Quality Badge, would it encourage you to visit or use their services more?

You said…
It’s an essential award when choosing attractions and providers 71.22%
It would encourage me more but it is not essential 28.04%
It makes no difference 0.74%


The 2023 ‘School Trips & Learning Outside The Classroom’ survey ran between 9th March and 1st May and had 533 respondents. This was a survey for teachers involved in organising school trips and EVCs. Anyone not meeting that criteria, or any ‘spam’ or ‘bots’ were filtered out and not included in the final results.

Our thanks go to everyone who took the time to contribute.