We reveal the features that have been most popular with School Travel Organiser readers this year, starting with the tenth most popular and counting down to first place.

Curious incident production shot Photo by Brinkhoff Mogenburg

Pictured: Curious Incident production shot. Credit Brinkhoff Mogenburg.

10. Introducing the new School Travel Awards

In October School Travel Organiser launched its new School Travel Award initiative to recognise the best school trip providers and practitioners. The feature revealed the first details about the sort of award categories that would be available and the ceremony itself.

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9. Case study: Student businesses at Giles Brook Primary School

This feature explained how Year 6 students from Giles Brook Primary School in Milton Keynes had been set a six-week homework task that tied in to opportunities to learn business skills outside the classroom. It focussed on the efforts of one pupil in particular who had established his own business selling sweets.

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The Ise of Wight

8. The Isle of Wight: The island classroom

Posted in July, this article looked at how children of all Key Stages could enhance their knowledge and understanding of topics covered in the National Curriculum by visiting the Isle of Wight.

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7. 5 food related school trips

This feature looked at five school trips that were linked to food and healthy eating and included visits to Pizza Express and Manor Farm in Leicestershire.

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6. Ofsted’s new framework: What will it mean for LOtC in Early Years?

Published in July, this article analysed the newly released Ofsted framework and considered its implications for learning outside the classroom opportunities in Early Years settings.

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5. 5 anniversaries to tie in with school trips

Looking ahead to 2016, this feature listed the dates for a range of national anniversaries that could be tied in to the National Curriculum. Events included the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and 200th anniversary of Charlotte Bronte’s birth.

Battle Abbey

Pictured: Battle. Credit Visit England.

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4. Teaching in South Africa: what is it really like?

For this piece, STO talked to teacher Brett Robinson about his experience of teaching in South Africa, and the lessons he learnt and brought back with him.

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3. Why we went ahead with our Paris trip

In this article, Boston College’s health and safety coordinator Pete Davy explained why the college went ahead with its Paris trip, less than two weeks after the attacks on the city.

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2. Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell’s take on school trips

In June, STO editor Sarah Holt interviewed the new Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell, about the importance of school trips on creativity. The result was an illustrated Q&A.

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1. Exploring Play Texts: The Curious Incident

The most popular feature of 2015 was written by teacher Laura Yandell, head of drama at a secondary school in London. For this feature she explained how West End hit, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time could work for GCSE Unit 2 (Edexcel).

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