STO talks to LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort’s schools executive, Jamie Lawrence about what’s new and on offer for schools visiting the park this year.

Jamie, it’s clear how passionate you are in your role as schools executive. Can you tell us about what your job entails? 

I’m very lucky to look after the Schools and Education programme that we offer within the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. My main focus is making sure teachers and students get the most out of their visit by highlighting the great curriculum values the park has to offer.

The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort’s ethos is about allowing students of all ages to engage and explore, but what specifically do you offer Primary schools visiting the park?

The ride and attractions in the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort are aimed at children aged 2 – 12 years so we truly are a bespoke park just for them. Whether it’s discovering amazing sea life at the Atlantis Submarine Adventure or earning your very own Driving License on Driving School, there is something available for all Primary students.

March sees the opening of some very exciting new attractions. What can you tell us about these for school visits? 

Miniland Explore the World will allow guests to discover iconic landmarks from around the globe; join the adventure through Australia, China, India and Russia, full of LEGO creativity and fun. MINILAND USA features amazing scenes from coast to coast, with all the LEGO humour you love in Miniland.

Dive into our LEGO® Reef and help us fill it with LEGO fish! Ride the current down to The Imagination Centre, where you can digitally build your own LEGO fish, watch them swim off to the digital reef to live amongst the coral and fill their bellies with our interactive fish feeding.

Jamie Lawrence

Pictured: Schools executive Jamie Lawrence.

How can teachers link them to the National Curriculum?

Both Miniland attractions link perfectly with the Geography curriculum helping students identify iconic landmarks from around the world. Computing is core within the LEGO® Reef as students will get hands-on with technology whilst exploring computer programing, inputs and outputs through LEGO® Brick activities.

Why is LOtC important and how does LEGOLAND® utilise it?

The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is an ideal destination for learning outside of the classroom as it brings students together in a unique learning environment. This not only engages them with curriculum links but also highlights how learning can be fun. All of our workshops utilise LEGO® bricks and cover key curriculum targets including English, Computing and STEM.

How can a trip to LEGOLAND® be transferred and taken back into the classroom?

A school visit is a great way of introducing new ways of learning, and most importantly how to learn through play. Many schools have boxes of LEGO® tucked away in cupboards, and what we strive to do is show teachers and students how LEGO® can also be used to teach core curriculum values through a hands-on and interactive experiences.

A big stress for teachers when arranging school trips is the booking process. How does LEGOLAND® ensure the experience is hassle-free?

Being able to understand and reduce the stress and hassle a teacher might experience planning a school trip is key to my role. Simply being there at the end of the phone or an email to answer questions, no matter how small, is crucial.

Booking a school trip to the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in our Online Booking Form and the team handle the rest. Payment is due no later than 10 days before the visit date then following payment, two free tickets can be organised for teachers to come a carry out their Risk Assessments and plan for the big day.

Miniland Explore the World

Pictured: The Taj mahal made out of LEGO in Miniland Explore the World.

What qualities should a great school trip have, in your opinion?

A great school trip should not only be educational and engaging for the students but most importantly it must be fun. We pride ourselves in being a unique location for learning and with fun as the base of everything we do; the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is the perfect destination for your next school trip.

Finally, from your experience working in the education sector, what would you say is the most rewarding aspect of the job?

Being able to inspire those WOW moments for a student is why I’m in the education field. Seeing students visit our Park for the first time, then learning something as part of the experience, ready to go back into school the next day to apply their new found or built upon knowledge is the perfect outcome. Knowing that you have created something which is helping a student’s development is just wonderful.

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