The Living Planet Centre provides workshops on topics on the environment%2C wildlife and sustainability

The Living Planet Centre in Woking is home to the WWF headquarters and, significantly for schools, an education centre which offers a range of a workshop designed to support the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculums as well as the conservation organisation’s aims.

From learning about the food we eat and its impact on our health and the environment, to discovering more about the Amazon rainforest, students will explore a range of topics linked to subjects of Science, Geography, English, Design & Technology, Art and Computing.

Workshops can be tailored to suit specific school needs, however the below offers an idea of what schools can expect at the Living Planet Centre.

Amazing Amazon

Suited for Key Stage 2 students this two hour session lets pupils take on the role of intrepid Amazon explorers to discover the different layers of the rainforest from the forest floor to the canopy, as well as learn more about the animals that live there.

The workshop also includes an interactive exhibition where pupils can test their knowledge and research skills, and also gets them creating their own Amazon rainforest e-book which focuses on the importance of the rainforest.

This workshop is designed to offer links to the Key Stage 2 curriculums in Science, Geography, English and Computing.

Penguins and Polar Bears

Suited for Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils, this workshop sees students take on the role of polar explorers as they look to discover how penguins and polar bears are perfectly adapted to where they live.

The workshop, which has links to Science, Geography, English, and Computing, involves a series of hands-on activities and scientific experiments, and students also use iPads and a range of props to produce their own news report on the dangers facing these animals and their habits.


This workshop looks to educate students on the food that is healthy for both humans and for the planet.

Offering links to Design & Technology, Science, Geography, English and Computing, this session gets Key Stage 2 students looking at where their favourite food comes from and considering how food choices can have an impact on both their health and the environment. With this in mind, pupils then design a healthy meal and create an advertisement to promote their new recipe.

Tiger Tales

According to the WWF, during the last century, the number of tigers in the wild has fallen from as many as 100,000 to as few as around 3,900. In this workshop, Key Stage 2 pupils learn about the big cats and why they are endangered before creating an advert to raise awareness of the animal’s plight and the importance of protecting them.

This workshop complements Key Stage 2 learning in English, Science, Geography and Computing.

Tropical Chocolate

In this two hour session, which is linked to Geography and Design & Technology studies, Key Stage 1 and 2 students learn about the products of the rainforest and specifically learn about the chocolate making process and fair trade.

As well as getting the chance to design and make their own packaging from environmentally materials, students also have the opportunity to make their own chocolate truffles, which can be taken home.

Wildlife Explorers ‘Build a Habitat for Wildlife’

This first part of the Wildlife Explorer ‘Build a Habitat for Wildlife’ workshop is based in the newly developed urban apothecary garden, woodland and wetland areas. From here, pupils are taken on a nature trail to learn about the plants and animals around the Living Planet Centre before testing their knowledge and research skills by completing the centre’s quiz.

The second part of the session takes place in the Learning Zone and involves students exploring how a single tree provides food and shelter for a range of plants and animals, before making their own mini bug hotel and discussing ways to encourage biodiversity at home and in the school grounds.

This session is suited for both Key Stage 1 students studying Science, Geography, Art & Design, and Key Stage 2 students studying Science and Geography.

Meet the Green Ambassadors

A two hour workshop for both Key Stage 1 and 2 students, Meet the Green Ambassadors takes pupils on a trail of discovery around the Living Planet Centre and the WWF’s UK headquarters to discover the environmental aspects of the centre’s building, from rainwater harvesting to natural cooling through the giant wind cowls on the roof.

Students then design and create a 3D model of their own school as they explore the changes they can make to help care for the planet.

This workshop has links to the Geography, English and Design & Technology curriculums for Key Stage 1 and 2.

Although all the WWF workshops are free for schools to attend, a donation of £2 per child is suggested.

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