The Roman Baths

Itinerary: Roman Life
Provider: The Roman Baths, Bath
Subjects: History, Art and Design, Numeracy, Literacy, PSHE
KS: 2

Bath is the only destination in the UK to have the whole city designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A focal point is the Roman Baths, where the interactive education sessions enable pupils to see how the Romans changed Britain, as well as teaching them about some of the Celtic traditions that were absorbed into Roman Britain.

11am: Following an introduction to the education activities, pupils find out how the Roman Baths were discovered, and learn about Celtic and Roman Britain. They are then divided into three groups.

Each group takes part in two self-guided activities and one artefact handling session during the day. These sessions can be selected in advance by teachers from a range of different options.

11.10am: Children begin their first self-guided activity, which has been selected in advance from one of three options. Togas and Tunics starts with an examination of Roman clothing, followed by an opportunity to try on tunics (girls) or togas (boys).

Write On! begins with an activity sheet exploring Roman writing, followed by a session using a ‘wax’ tablet and stylus to write in Roman script and Latin. In Marvellous Mosaics, children use mosaic pieces, based on the colours of mosaics at the baths, to create their own design on a magnetic whiteboard.

11.25am: Group moves on to a second self-guided activity.

11.40am: Artefact handling with session leader. Teachers can select in advance from Buildings and Technology, focusing on Roman buildings and comparing them to Celtic ones, Food for Thought which explores how Roman settlement brought new ingredients and ways of cooking to Britain, and Bathing where pupils discover the customs and architecture introduced by the Romans.

11.55am: Groups tidy away and discuss what they have learned.

12pm: Lunch.

Following the education session, the group can explore the Roman Baths using free audio guides, or a teacher pack and the Roman numerals challenge that can be downloaded in advance.


Photo credit: The Roman Baths, Bath & North East Somerset Council.