The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) has a variety of hostels across the UK and provides different packages for outdoor learning experiences.

Credit YHA

Teachers looking to book a residential stay with one of YHA’s centres can choose from different activities and packages which are designed to motivate and challenge students.

YHA’s packages cover a range of topics which are also linked to the National Curriculum and help bring outdoor experiences and learning to life for those on a residential.

What do YHA packages offer?

The Discovery Package is built to be flexible to allow those taking part the chance for discovery and challenges. Plus, it involves plenty of team building and communication exercises.

The Multi-Activity Package aims to get pupils enthusiastic about Physical Education and offers a mixture of adventure activities and on-site fun, designed to be suitable for all abilities.

‘Adventure bolt-on’ trips allow teachers to add more activities to their itineraries to fill free time they have as well as offering half and full days options. This package is ideal for those who have booked a self-led stay as it allows them to arrange some facilitated activities too.

More packages are available, including a History Package and Geography Package, among others which can be found online.

What else is offered?

Teachers are advised to arrange a pre-visit to the YHA before booking with their school. This allows them to check out the facilities and activities on offer and make any special arrangements that need making.

It also provides opportunity for teachers to talk to YHA staff, fill in paperwork and get a first-hand experience of the centres.

For those who live far away from the site, overnight visits can also be arranged, free of charge.

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